ORION S Jammer
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    1.Intelligent shielding of the whole base stations: counting the number of mobile phones, using cellular base station distribution technology, optical fiber transmission, simple construction, convenient maintenance and more flexible upgrade 5G;

    2.Illegal mobile phone detection: non-unit mobile phone monitoring and reporting;

    3.Black and white list of mobile phone users: The leader of this unit has priority communication rights;

    4.Interception of text messages sent by illegal mobile phones. Interception of called mobile phone Numbers from illegal mobile phones;

    5.Illegal mobile phone location :(military, prison).

    6.Base station design, different from the traditional jammer only use high-power radio noise to suppress the signal, the coverage range is wider, the shielding effect is better.

    Work:Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00 LV.1
    Introduction:ORION S Jammer
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