ORION X SMS Broadcaster
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    1.Scope of radiation to the machine as a center, diameter of 100-2000 meters.

    2. Support all mobile phones (android, iPhone). All frequency includes 2G,3G,4G.no need jammer.

    3.Sending speed: up to 1000 SMS per minute

    4.the sender ID can be letters or alphanumeric both.

    5.Portable equipment: u can send bulk SMS in anywhere, anytime.

    6."0" Cost: no need sim card, no need internet.one-time payment,lifetime usage.

    7.it can send more than 1000 characters in one SMS.

    8.IMEI/IMSI catcher. No need to know mobile number database inadvance.

    9.Auto ARFCN, Friendly software interface, control by mobile phone .

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    Introduction:ORION X SMS Broadcaster
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    PLATFORMOrion XMulti-SIM Text Blaster(SIM Bank) Online/Bulk/SIP SMSTelco Cell Broadcaster
    Full Admin ControlUserUserHost ProviderTelco
    Subscribers numberNot RequireRequiredRequiredlimited to its Subscribers number
    SIM CardNot RequireRequiredNot RequireNot Require
    NetworkIndependentTelco DependentTelco DependentTelco Dependent
    Message LengthUp to 1000 Characters140-160 Characters140-160 Characters70 Characters
    Sender BrandingName or NumberSIM NumberName or NumberName or Number
    Broadcast EffectivityALL NetworksSpecific TelcoSpecific TelcoSpecific Telco
    Message based TargetingYesRequires pre-registered numbersRequires pre-registered numbersYes
    Network CongestionNoYesYesNo
    Equipment MobilityYesYesNoNo
    Delivery ReportsYesYesYesNo
    Message StorageInboxInboxInboxRequires users activation
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