ORION P4 IMSI Catcher
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    1.Automatic network scan and system setup.

    2.Cloning of a real cellular network.

    3.Support GSM/ WCDMA/LTE-FDD base stations.

    4.Real-time calls and SMS interception of A5 0/1/2 cellular networks.

    5.Voice and SMS recording on hard disk.

    6.Outgoing and incoming call number determination.

    7.Ability to interrupt ongoing calls.

    8.Ability to selectively prevent calls.

    9.Manipulate communication (calls & SMS).

    10.Capturing mobile phones within range and extracting their cellular identifiers (IMSI, IMEI, MSISDN).

    11.Location target phone.

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    Introduction:ORION P4 IMSI Catcher
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