ORION X SMS Broadcaster
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    1.Scope of radiation to the machine as a center, diameter of 100-2000 meters.

    2. Support all mobile phones (android, iPhone). All frequency includes 2G,3G,4G.no need jammer.

    3.Sending speed: up to 1000 SMS per minute

    4.the sender ID can be letters or alphanumeric both.

    5.Portable equipment: u can send bulk SMS in anywhere, anytime.

    6."0" Cost: no need sim card, no need internet.one-time payment,lifetime usage.

    7.it can send more than 1000 characters in one SMS.

    8.IMEI/IMSI catcher. No need to know mobile number database inadvance.

    9.Auto ARFCN, Friendly software interface, control by mobile phone .

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    Introduction:ORION X SMS Broadcaster
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    PLATFORM Orion X Multi-SIM Text Blaster(SIM Bank) Online/Bulk/SIP SMS Telco Cell Broadcaster
    Full Admin Control User User Host Provider Telco
    Subscribers number Not Require Required Required limited to its Subscribers number
    SIM Card Not Require Required Not Require Not Require
    Network Independent Telco Dependent Telco Dependent Telco Dependent
    Message Length Up to 1000 Characters 140-160 Characters 140-160 Characters 70 Characters
    Sender Branding Name or Number SIM Number Name or Number Name or Number
    Broadcast Effectivity ALL Networks Specific Telco Specific Telco Specific Telco
    Message based Targeting Yes Requires pre-registered numbers Requires pre-registered numbers Yes
    Network Congestion No Yes Yes No
    Equipment Mobility Yes Yes No No
    Delivery Reports Yes Yes Yes No
    Message Storage Inbox Inbox Inbox Requires users activation
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